Introduction to FP 1: Expressions

We are starting a training series for those who want to learn functional programming from zero up to a professional level!

The Training:

Every session contains:

  • A clear explanation of WHY the topic is given and HOW it is useful
  • Topic explanations are kept clear, to the point and as simple as possible
  • Plenty of programming repetition exercises are provided
  • Plenty of Feynman’s technique exercises are provided
  • Social interaction is encouraged

Session Topics:



  • Understand what mathematical expressions are
  • Understand what syntax rules of expressions are
  • Know what type of expressions there are
  • What is the relation between computer programs and mathematical expressions
  • What is the advantage of using mathematical expressions to write programs

Evaluation, Substitution and Equality


  • Understand expressions as a denotation of a value
  • Understand evaluation as the semantics of the expression
  • What equality is, considering evaluation
  • Understand substitution
  • What equality is considering substitution